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Whether you’ve inherited an overgrown garden, you need to build one from scratch, or you want that perfect accent for your front entrance, Garden Graces Plantscapes in Georgetown, ON will help you create your personal slice of heaven. A good garden design provides visual appeal, ties the house to the landscape, and increases the value of your home. The garden becomes an inviting haven for entertainment, relaxation, and personal rejuvenation. Whether small or large, the perfect entranceway, planters, and front or back garden settings will provide many years of enjoyment.

Our Services

Hanging Basket for shade
back view of garden bed after
Side-garden after clean up and maintenance featuring Carex & Hostas

Custom Outdoor Arrangements

A “wow” factor doesn’t need to be large. A beautiful garden in miniature creates as much impact as a full landscape. A gorgeous planter by your front entrance will draw in the eye from the street and welcome your guests. Containers, hanging baskets and window boxes all add 3 dimensional beauty to your landscape, drawing the eye up as well as over the garden.

Garden Design

A full landscape design plan starts with an initial consultation to determine your wishes, objectives and budget. 

Design plans include elevation, concept, construction, master and planting plans either hand rendered or computer drawn with concept photos.


Now that you have a brand new gorgeous garden or a lovely mature garden that you love looking at it but have no time, desire or ability to keep it that way, we can help! 

We offer regular garden and lawn maintenance services to suit your needs and budget.

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Spring is on the way!! Nothing like the first snowdrops to chase away the winter blahs. To a brand new season 🙂

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Wildflowers of Andalucia

A few years ago I went on a riding vacation in Andalucia, Spain. Although I had no intention of taking flower pictures at the time, the sheer number of wildflowers

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End of another season

End of another Season

It is a bright sunny -8deg celsius here in southwestern Ontario, or 17deg fahrenheit for you Americans enjoying your Thanksgiving today.  May your day be warmer than mine! My hectic

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Garden of Versailles

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the palace and gardens of Versailles.  The palace itself is a baroque wonder but sadly jammed with people most

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A Canadian Spring

A Canadian spring

Words fail me… Christmas anyone? Fall, winter and spring all in one Arnold’s Promise hazel…promise is right! What I see from my kitchen window…sigh Crocuses in the snow…brrrr My unflappable

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