The Solo Gardener: Tips for making fall cleanup a little easier

The Solo Gardener: Tips for making fall cleanup a little easier

Now that Halloween is over I finally started my fall garden cleanup, even a professional gardener has lapses and time seems to fly ever faster…sigh.  Fall cleanup can be daunting if you are doing it alone like me…I often wish I had an extra set of arms and a prehensile tail or a garden robot!  However, since none of those exist yet, meet my new garden assistant …Dolly.  A dolly is a  great multipurpose garden tool.  Clip your yard waste bag to the dolly to keep it upright, open and from blowing away on blustery days.  Nothing like chasing your bag down the street with everything flying out of it, trust me!  You can hang your tool bag and larger garden tools on the dolly to keep track of them.  I always buy the brightest coloured tools and still lose them…grrrr.


A dolly comes in handy to move large pots and other heavy objects too.  Use a bungee cord to tie the pot to your dolly.  It helps keep the pot stable as you tilt the dolly back.


Gardening alone can meditative or frustrating at times.  Having an extra hand or wheels in this case make moving things like pots and bags a little easier.  And you’ll be done in time to get in out of the rain…yay…no more watering 🙂



Happy Gardening!

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