Life in the Garden

Life in the Garden

As usual I am still mulling over the second part of fertilizing 101 but here is a quick snapshot of the life you can find in your garden no matter how small it may be.IMG_0971

A monarch fueling up on a lantana bush


An eastern black swallowtail larva on a dill plant


A cicada

When the cicadas sing, the temperature is usually 25 deg C (77 F) or above.


A dragonfly, a great predator for eating mosquitos


A adolescent chipping sparrow waiting for dinner just like some human adolescents I know!


And mom saying “You want dinner, you fly up here”


My sparrow family waiting for breakfast to be served at the feeder


A bee in a rose

Plants form the base of the food chain and we never would have evolved without them. ย They were the first to colonize dry land some 700 million years ago and reached their heyday during the Carboniferous era when insects grew nearly as large as humans in the oxygen rich atmosphere.

You enrich the earth and your life by growing plants whether it be for food or beauty so plant some seeds or pot up a zinnia and marvel at the life it brings!

Happy Gardening ๐Ÿ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Life in the Garden”

  1. Hello! I’m putting together a post on “green” that will have about 10 photos and I wondered if you’d permit me to include the photo of the caterpillar on the dill plant. Please let me know if thats ok and let me know the name to put as a credit. I’d also link back to your post and blog home. Thanks!

      1. Oh yes – silly me. I saw the ON abbreviation and just put USA after it – I should have known better than that! Thanks for picking it up – will go and correct immediately! Thanks for visiting!

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