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Narrow leaf goldenrod

In the Garden this Week

Plant of the Week: Heptacodium Heptacodium or Seven Sons tree is an under used small tree for the garden. It offers multi seasonal use with flowers in late summer, colourful pink bracts, yellow fall foliage and peeling bark on an open frame for winter interest. Bees love it and hummingbirds flock to the small flowers

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Butterfly on a flower

Fertilizing 101. part 3: fertilizers for the fall

Here we are in the third day of fall in southern Ontario and it’s a steamy 31 deg celsius (88 F).  I have watered more in the last week than all of the summer!  Annuals are blooming madly and the butterflies are still hanging about. A swallowtail on my lantana However, it is fall and

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Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

The early frosts here in Southern Ontario have caught most of us by surprise and sadly we now have to clean up the mushy remains of summer’s blooms.  It is also time to clean up the garden in general.  There are two camps to garden cleaning, one is to cut down and tidy up everything

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Fall Planning and Planting

Fall Planning and Planting

It was a chilly 8 deg this morning in southern Ontario…fall is in the air!  Now is the time to take stock of what survived over our scorching summer and grab some deals as the garden centres get ready to empty their inventory.  Just make sure what you buy has been watered well and looks healthy

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